Ian C. Profile Thumb

Ian C.

5 days ago

My experience has been very satisfying other than the parking. Everything is wonderful. The building is quiet, the facility is clean, and it in a good location where food and groceries are in walking distance.

Aguek A. Profile Thumb

Aguek A.

11 days ago

Wasn’t what I expected but the people here are really friendly and respectful. My biggest problem is with the A/C over the summer always hitting the fan when it gets hot

Jose M. Profile Thumb

Jose M.

15 days ago

Jenny, Alma (from Bistro), Joseph, and Sean have been a great people with me. Thanks a lot for all your kindness with me. I hope finish my lease with all the best memories in The suites' experience.

Ruben P. Profile Thumb

Ruben P.

16 days ago

I liked it a lot because it’s very clean here. Not everything works but it’s ok. I am not living here next semester. I just want the gift card yo

*ATHLETE* Aguek A. Profile Thumb

*ATHLETE* Aguek A.

17 days ago

Was not what I was expecting. A/C goes bad once it gets real hot out Which I don’t get. However the people here are amazing and genuine people.

Caitlin L. Profile Thumb

Caitlin L.

1 month ago

Clean, furnished, dorm style apartments with really friendly staff that always know you by name. It’s about as close to campus as you can get!

Carl S. Profile Thumb

Carl S.

1 month ago

Great safe apartment living. Plenty of amenities to choose from and the staff are really helpful. Maintenance requests are always taken seriously and done on time.

Hisaki K. Profile Thumb

Hisaki K.

1 month ago

It is really comfortable and exciting to live in the Suites on Paseo. The room is well furnished and biweekly housekeeping service makes sure your room is clean. Awesome!