Cooper J. Profile Thumb

Cooper J.

2 days ago

i like living here a lot, it gets hot sometimes and the tv is a little confusing but the living situation is so nice and it’s close to campus and im really happy

Justin B. Profile Thumb

Justin B.

3 days ago

I love it here, it's very clean, the food is great, and every time you need help with something staff is friendly and quick in helping you out!

Christopher L. Profile Thumb

Christopher L.

4 days ago

it's been great! staff is friendly! the bistro is really good, i enjoy eating the food from there. housekeeping is awesome too! overall, i love living here

Amy N. Profile Thumb

Amy N.

4 days ago

Living conditions are great, the unit is perfect for one person and all the neighbors are friendly. Only problem is that the elevator stops working so often.

Jason L. Profile Thumb

Jason L.

4 days ago

I really enjoy living here, the bistro and meal plan turned out to be a pleasant convenience. Also, the staff is very friendly and helpful with any questions and receiving packages.

Ryan E. Profile Thumb

Ryan E.

5 days ago

I think the suites are a great price. The residence is nice and I don’t have any major complaints. Just wish we had a kitchen but i knew that before I signed.

Anders Hammer J. Profile Thumb

Anders Hammer J.

5 days ago

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