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Michael G. Profile Thumb

Michael G.

1 day ago

I dont have any issues with suites on paseo if i did id simply tellbthe friendly and professional staff and it would be handled as soon as possible.The room is beyond comfortable toppled be able to forget aboit work when i get home is a major pluse.Id recommend this location to anyone who is trying to get there own place for the first time, with the rent being the lowest around and being able to set up a payment plan makes the place affordable.

Eurita C. Profile Thumb

Eurita C.

4 days ago

The community is very quiet and clean. My refrigerator broke an i immediately received a new one. My bed springs are broken so im waiting for a new mattress lets see how long that takes.

Azantia L. Profile Thumb

Azantia L.

4 days ago

Great location. Friendly staff. The amenities make the rent worth the price for a small room; however, with the amenities being closed and broken it's pointless to pay so much for a tiny room.

Bobbijo B. Profile Thumb

Bobbijo B.

5 days ago

Very clean and great service and quick reply’s when trying to get a room. I am very satisfied with how quick I was able to rent out a room and they have great deals for the first month I only paid 199 for the first month l.

Harvinder D. Profile Thumb

Harvinder D.

11 days ago

It was, It was...Wait. What the hell was that? Only 48 characters left. Shoot the J shoot it. But what about, no. How about, no. 134. Plus. Thank God.

Bryce J. Profile Thumb

Bryce J.

23 days ago

The Suites on Paseo is the best apartment complex on Lindo Paseo ever. It is full of friendly, quiet neighbors that barely make any noise. Best of all its the Suites on Paseo on Lindo Paseo.

Vickie T. Profile Thumb

Vickie T.

24 days ago

Good condition excellent pricing , easy to get to lots of things to do around the area good food places and everything close by. Staff is really nice as well