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Jacob S. Profile Thumb

Jacob S.

20 hours ago

My air conditioning doesn’t really work, otherwise room is nice and at a great location right near campus. Move in was quick and easy and the staff were helpful

Phyllis P. Profile Thumb

Phyllis P.

2 days ago

I live where I live even if I don't act like it. COVID 19 I have seen personally in my line of work. It is nobody's friend. Forgive me if I scare you with my mask and things on, if I act like you have the plague, etc. I love where I live:)

Darcell P. Profile Thumb

Darcell P.

4 days ago

Friendly and knowledgeable employees ever time I either need some information or any assistance the staff would go out there way too resolve all issues

Lorette G. Profile Thumb

Lorette G.

6 days ago

Staff is always very nice and helpful. I feel safe here. The appartment building is kept clean and we are offered cleaning service inside our appartments which is over and beyond. I am concerned that there are many people in the building who are not wearing masks.

Phoenix S. Profile Thumb

Phoenix S.

12 days ago

So far not bad. It’s really nice and I’m adjusting very quickly. It’s really nice here, and I hope it stays that way. I can’t wait to see what’s yet to come living here.

Gilberto O. Profile Thumb

Gilberto O.

23 days ago

Well is been very good living here. Is almost a year, and who knows how many more. I love it! I just can't wait to start the new year enjoying my room,a new semester. Wishing Happy Holidays!

Eisa A. Profile Thumb

Eisa A.

1 month ago

So far so good i have beeb here for about 4 years and tbh its not that bad the people are nice the leasing office are friendly and the internet is goid

Thomas H. Profile Thumb

Thomas H.

1 month ago

So far Paseo is still pretty great. Me and my roommate have been having some issues with our upstairs neighbor, and I miss the Bistro, but otherwise things are awesome. Hoping that the Gym can open up again sometime soon; that's less a Paseo problem though and more the state's issue. Things are nice and I am enjoying my stay.