Chloe C. Profile Thumb

Chloe C.

2 days ago

When I arrived, it wasn’t obvious that my room hadn’t been cleaned thoroughly because I found uncooked spaghetti in the carpet and trimmings in the sink. The carpet and mattress were dirty. The light and the fan in the bathroom were not working half of the time. My fridge upgrade was not in the room when I arrived. Dante sent Ali up to help. Ali was great and fixed the light and fan, washed the carpet, and grab a new mattress and an updated fridge.

William S. Profile Thumb

William S.

2 days ago

I love it here so far! The Bistro has a lot of food options and they all taste great. The people at the front desk are so nice and polite. It's also great how the gym and laundry rooms are open 24/7, so I can just go in whenever and do my business.

Mai A. Profile Thumb

Mai A.

3 days ago

very close to SDSU The staff of the suites on paseo are very kind and friedly! They halped me a lot, and it's easy to use facilities like the gym, theater, jacuzzy and so on!

Kaitlin R. Profile Thumb

Kaitlin R.

4 days ago

Living here has been nice. All the appliances work and my apartment is clean and quiet. My only problem would be is that my room isnt as big as the one I toured and the bathroom floors are a bit sticky. Other than that, it's nice!

Monica D. Profile Thumb

Monica D.

4 days ago

very positive experience. They accommodated and allowed me to move in on a non moving day. Also one of the employees stayed with me after closing hours to help me settle!! very appreciated of that!! They make sure i had everything i needed!

Jake R. Profile Thumb

Jake R.

4 days ago

It’s been an alright experience. The staff is friendly and the whole property is clean. Location is great for getting to classes on time. Not too loud either.

Wyatt E. Profile Thumb

Wyatt E.

4 days ago

Just moved in. Already can feel the welcoming environment. The room is great, minus the location of the microwave being under one person's bed.

Serena M. Profile Thumb

Serena M.

4 days ago

So far it has been a great experience! The room was a bit smaller than expected but overall, a very pleasant place to call home! The building itself is very secure as well.